Comercial Hnos. López
Sunday 25 of October 2020

In our facilities you can find:


  • Professional advisory service
  • Keys copied
  • Automatic Teller Machine
  • Tool Repair service
  • Merchandise transport service
  • Crane to unload merchandise
  • Financing

All types of manual and electric tools to cover the needs of professionals and DYI-ers, the best brands available (ACESA, DeWalt, Rubi, Bellota, Black & Decker, Bosch, Izeltas....)

Building Materials
Cement, mortars, glues, coating, .... etc.
Aggregates in bulk or in bags (sand, gravel, volcanic ash, .... etc.)
Indoor and Outdoor materials (stone, paving, tiles,...)

Agriculture products
A wide range of Phytosanitary products for prevention and control of diseases.
Large variety of chemical and biological fertilisers for all types of crops.

Paints, lacquers and varnishes
Unlimited solutions for professional and DYI painters, with an ample selection of paints, lacquers, varnishes, decoration and accessories.

Labour safety
We deal in signs and other necessary labour safety equipment such as notice boards, meshing, helmets, gloves, safety goggles, ear mufflers, masks, etc.

Household items
Assorted dishware, camping cookers, small appliances and a variety of kitchen articles.

General Hardware
We carry over three thousand hardware items, to help you carry out all your projects.

Exclusive Products
We are Tejas Borja roof tiling dealers.
We are Carpas MASTERTENT® roof tiling dealers.
We are Puestas Andreu roof tiling dealers.

The advantages of MASTERTENT®
  • The roof needs not be taken apart
  • No tools necessary
  • No bothersome poles
  • Easy to transport
  • Infinite possible uses
  • Efficient advertising medium
  • Optimum appearance
  • Maximum results, with minimum effort

Top quality Marquees
Thanks to the MASTERTENT® folding system, it opens in less than 60 seconds

Extraordinary system
The difference is in the details  
  • Strong Velcro fastenings
  • PVC roof reinforced where in contact with the structure
  • Fire and water-proof
  • Resistant tabs windproof the side panels

  • Immediate delivery
  • Follow-up assistance for the customer
  • Repair service available if necessary.

Development of Products
The MASTERTENT® Team works constantly to improve and create new accessories for our tents and marquees. By listening to our clients’ needs we are able to constantly up-date accessories. We also offer lighting, heating, motion detectors, transport wheels, smokers’ roof, etc....